Saturday 10 May 2008

PIP Camp day 2.

Day 2 of our PIP camp was fun, even though I could only stay until 2pm as today was also Quilt Class day. I have pictures until lunch time then you can flick to PIP blog for the afternoon shots.

This is everyone in full productive mode, machines buzzing, ladies chatting and giggling.....
Therese's colours, she had completed ten blocks just before lunch. The next 25 will be in different fabrics based around these colours.

Arabela chose to make her quilt with these crisp fresh colours.
These are Anabela's colours. She is using the fabric from old shirts, very good recycling!

Milly's colours, with Milly's manicured hand! she is using lots of shades of blue with bright pink touches.... it is going to be lovely.
Trudi's colours, this is going to be very bright, someone is going to be very pleased with this quilt. Trudi is making a huge Chunky Churndash quilt, 120 blocks!

Here are Ursula's colour choices, all mixed with a denim fabric.
Garen was working on scrappy
quilt blocks, here she is trimming them.
Anabela (yes we have 2 Anabelas) is working on quilting her project. This one has to be finished this week. She is quilting using the skills she learned with Jenny Bowker too.
And now???? where is everyone, there was no fire alarm??? the machines are all here so they haven't gone home???

Aha...... lunch time,!
what a feast that was! A few ladies bring one dish and look what we get... a banquet of delicious food. This is what we did yesterday too but different ladies brought different food. One very cool thing about a multinational group of ladies, is the wonderful things we produce in our kitchens.

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