Wednesday 14 May 2008

Quilt Class

When I arrived at Paula's this morning, there was a table runner displayed for all the world to see, in fact, this table runner, in the photo below.
Dona Manuela made it!!!!!!!
Yeeha!!!! , she has finally crossed the line to join us on this 'other side' and is now, officially, A QUILTER!

This is Sofia. She is working on this Log Cabin quilt. Today she had a hard lesson in 'fudging'. I am a fabric washer, some people prefere not to wash fabrics before using them. Sofia washed her fabrics, but after having cut the strip to the right size... she found that the black one shrunk a quarter of an inch ... so she had to learn how to play with the piecing to have everything fit well. She did a good job and no-one would know anything had ever gone wrong!
Two new ladies, Alda & Rosalia. They found it difficult to choose their fabrics at first with there being so many to choose from. They have never encountered inches before! Rosario knew nothing about sewing machines, neither had used a rotary cutter...but by the end of the class today, they were almost experts!
This is Noemia with another quilt almost finished. She invented the border herself and is very proud of it. She still says she is a beginner.... I don't think so Noemia!
Last but not least .........This weeks fabrics on special offer at €4 per metre. If you want them better hurry, they are only on offer until close of shop on Saturday.

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