Sunday 25 May 2008

Quilt Class

This is Sofia with her Log Cabin quilt top. The back will be pink with white polka dots and the quilting will be done with bright orange thread. This has been a very popular design with the ladies.....

This is Katja's Log Cabin quilt.
She has decided not to add borders.

Both quilts are the same ... but different!

This is a new lady, Ana. How chic she was, to bring her sewing machine to class when is co-ordinated so well with her chosen outfit! tee hee, even Ana's jewelry complimented the machine perfectly. Here she is testing the stitch length and tension before starting to piece her patchwork.
In red is Dorila, she is adding green borders to her table runner.

Here Dorila is practicing "dancing with her feed-dogs down" before quilting her table runner. After only a few minutes she was producing beautiful meanders and daisies.

This is a great shot of everyone engrossed in their creativity, they didn't even notice me taking photos.... either that or they were just ingnoring me ! he he he

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