Thursday 22 May 2008

Quilt Show

I'm calling our event a Quilt Show. It isn't going to be anything like the ones you see in magazines and on the internet but we all have to start somewhere.
This is the second Quilt Show hosted by the IWP quilt group. The first one was 3 years ago.
There will be lots of beautiful quilts made by members of the quilt group over the years. Not all have been made in Portugal as some of our members were already quilting before they came to live here, but most have been made locally.
Today lots of quilts were delivered to my home so that we can start the preparations and planning of how to exhibit them.

This is Sally's Chunky Churndash quilt top. You have seen it at several stages of production, now it just needs to be quilted.

It is good for people to see works in progress as well as the finished quilt.
This is a quilt that Sally is working on at the moment.

Sun Bonnet Sue.

This is Therese with her Round Robin, quilted and bound, ready to show you.

This quilt is called "Bugs Escaping From Bottles". I made it in January 2003.

It will be at the show next week.

"Tuttie Fruttie". All the colours are hand dyed fabrics and it is hand quilted in the big stitch style using Perle cottons... it will also be at the show.

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