Friday 2 May 2008

My Mum

Lots of you sent e-mails to me with lovely comments about my Mum's Torchon Lace making. So I asked her to keep us updated with her progress.
Today I received these photographs of her new project. This isn't really the beginning, first the pattern had to be 'pricked' out then the 41 pairs of bobbins (82 total) had to be wound with the thread.

Here you can see the pattern 'pricked', all the beautiful bobbins with their glass and crystal 'spangles' and lots of tiny brass pins holding the threads to the pattern.

This is a better angle to see the pattern starting to form.
If you click on the photos you will be able to see more detail.

Here, more of the pattern has been done
and a lot more pins have been pushed all the way into the cushion, I guess that means that that bit is complete. (I will check with my mum and update this later)
You can see the scalloped edge starting to form.

I asked and here is the answer...
Where the pins have been pushed all the way down is where I have to join into once I have done all four sides of the piece, those pins stay in the work. The other pins are removed after each step so that the lace can be seen more clearly.
The 'scalloped' edge is a continuous run of 'fans' which are repeated on the inside edge, but they aren't very clear yet. Thankyou Mum!

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