Wednesday 21 May 2008

Quilt Class

Today was Quilt Class at Paula's
Our Blue Lady came with this fabulous backing for her blue table runner. We got the sandwich made and now it will be hand quilted. She did try quilting on a sewing machine but, for an unknown reason, the sewing machine didn't want to play nice.

Beta wasn't in the mood to sew really, so she spent the morning listening and learning ... and fabric shopping! Here she is with a quilt that she designed herself, it is very sweet.....
Here is a close-up of the little bird. Beta says she is going to applique more birds yet....
This is Marina's Log Cabin Baby quilt. Behind you can see Paula's latest quilt top.
This is a corner of Marina's baby quilt viewed from the back, it is good to see that she was "dancing with her feed-dogs down!"
Sao didn't stay for quilt class today but she did call in to show us her three blocks. These are from the Marsha McCloskey's Block Party book, we use the book a lot during our classes.
This is when the ladies saw that Paula had a new book and crowded around to take a peek. It was curious as it is all written in Chinese! Iguess it must have had great pictures... tee hee.

And here... last but definitely not least....This weeks special offer fabrics. Each of these will cost only €4.00 per metre for this week only.Call Paula if you want her to save some for you!

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