Friday 9 May 2008

PIP Camp, day 1

One day into our PIP camp and a lot of progress has been made with the Chunky Churndash projects.
Here you see Anneliese who decided to cut out all the pieces for the churndash block first, and Ursula who started with the hour glass blocks, here she is trimming them.
Here is Regina, she is trimming her brightly coloured Log Cabin blocks.
Sally, she is piecing her blocks together, if you remember, Sally is way ahead with her project because she made the blocks weeks ago. It's looking lovely.
Therese, she is making her Chunky Churndash using a mountain of different fabrics that she has acquired. It will be mostly reddish tones... looking good so far.....
See here, Sally carefully planning the placement of the blocks.....
Ursula has finished her Log Cabin quilt and bought it in for us too admire, it's made from flannels and feels so snugly! She has quilted it with lots of the new styles that we learned at our Jenny Bowker workshop recently.
and after I took the photograph we all gathered around it to admire it more closely, we quilters so love to do that!!!
This is everyone busy....
This moment was very funny, Trudi sat at her machine sewing away..... all of a sudden her expression changed, she turned her machine off and just sat there! Finally she confessed to having sewn many many triangles.. but on the wrong side! This was quite funny, but then Anabela confessed that she had done the same thing but had hidden hers from us so that we wouldn't know!!! Well, I just HAD to get a shot of the fun.... here Trudi and Anabela are owning up to their "duh" moment, draped in the new bunting............
Yeah, Therese finished her first block...

A drum role for Milly... with a little help from Ursula, the Double Irish Chain quilt top is finished! The IWP Quilt Group made this quilt for a charity raffle two years ago and Milly was the VERY lucky winner. She bought it in today to show. Here she is pointing to my injury, I cut my hand whilst cleaning a rotary blade, and I am always telling the ladies to be careful with their blades!!!
Garen couldn't spend the day with us today but she called in to see how we were getting along. She will be with us tomorrow though. Here with our lovely Regina.
Arabela also had to cancel at the last minute this morning... motherhood! But she came in to get tips about making the hour glass blocks. She will come tomorrow though, Daddy can do the Mommy duties!

PIP Camp (Patchworkers in Portugal) again tomorrow... watch this space!

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What a wonderful time you all seem to have been having