Thursday 8 May 2008

IWP Quilt Group

Our Round Robin was organised by Garen, she got the idea from here.
Most of us were reluctant to get involved with this project in the beginning, but we are very happy now to have taken part. Most of us are pictured here, from left to right, Arabela, Therese, Helen, Susan, Angie, Garen, Ursula, Ronny & Luisa.
Today has been one of the very few days when I haven't needed to call out "cheese!" to get a big smile... they were already there!!! Thanks to Garen.

This is my starter block. It went into the brown paper bag and I didn't see it again for many weeks. Here I am with my Round Robin quilt top. All I have to do now is quilt and bind it. These quilts will be on display at our Quilt show at the end of May.

Here the ladies are all studying the Round Robins, we were all so completely impressed by what we had all actually produced. Each of us adding only a small part. Every one was so different.

When I asked the ladies to raise their hands if they wanted to participate in another Round Robin for the Christmas season... It was a full show of hands!

In the post below this, you will see each lady's beginning block that was placed into their brown paper bag together, hopefully, with the corresponding Round Robin quilt top.

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