Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Bigger Holes On DSM's

We want bigger holes on our domestic sewing machines... don't we?? I very much want a bigger hole, wider and higher if possible.... I love Bernina sewing machines, really I do. I don't have the money for any of the new 8 Series Berninas, besides... I don't want all the additional extras, my Aurora does way more than enough for me, I love love love it...... it's just down to the hole dimensions now... then I will be happy.
At the Festival Of Quilts in Birmingham I spent all of my free time (remember I was a steward so most of my hours were spoken for) 'interviewing' machines and trying them out. Other companies do have more affordabubble machines with bigger holes so... I tried most of them.
There wasn't a lot of difference for me... and please know that this is all my personal opinion I know you might think differently.... I am looking for Quality, Bernina quality! Solid & reliable.. you know the stuff. The Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter was great, I liked everything about it except the free motion foot, and there wasn't a choice of any other according to the saleslady. I liked the Janome 1600P, but it was a little smaller. The Juki TL-98P was wonderful, way too fast for me and I struggled to control the beast, it has a choice of really good darning feet too. Right, I have no money so ...... I didn't choose either of them.
Dotty put a spanner in the works yesterday!!!!
She brought her Juki for me to play with... I love it.. it fits in my table very nicely, I gave it a good old clean and started to play. I had great control this time as I wasn't perched on the edge of a sales counter.... great visibility, good high hole, wide hole, only does straight stitch but that's all I need for free motion.... besides I have my Aurora baby....I am pining now. If we live on bread and water for a few years.... ha ha ha.

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Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

I purchased a JUKI TL98P on 19th October 2011 for it's larger 'harp' and single stitch. Am ready to throw it out of the window. The most frustrating machine I have ever used. Did not have a demo - just believed the advertising. As you say - the machine is much too fast - thus little or no control when free motion quilting. Bought to replace a 25 year old mechanical Bernina - which luckily I kept.

Now trying to sell the Juki fro half the price I paid for it. A complete waste of money!