Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Jennie Rayment Workshop

It's getting closer to our Jennie Rayment workshop Twitch, Twiddle & Tweak on Friday 3rd September.... Lots of ladies are starting to gather their fabrics and other things from the workshop list so I thought it would be a good idea for us to look again at the project.... see photo.
It can be made from muslin or with coloured fabrics, it's your choice. The finished project size is approximately 28" square so it could be a cushion or a wall hanging. I'll make my wall hanging with yellows for the flower with a black/brown centre, I thought it would look like a sunflower, I heard some ladies are making them in reds... I expect the flower would look like like a Dalia?
Jennie has complete muslin kits should you like to have everything prepared for you, they will need to be ordered in advance and cost £7 each.
Just e-mail me and I can order those for you, no problem... please don't leave it until the last minute though, Jennie will need time to put them together.
Any other questions, e-mail me angiequilts@gmail.com

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