Thursday, 12 August 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Hazel (as in nut! he he he) joined us, what a fabulous quilt top she's made and all by hand... She came along to find out how to machine quilt it, so we started with a sandwich. In no time at all she had her walking foot attached, beautiful thread on her machine and made a good start with stabilising in the ditch of the sashing. More fancy quilting will be done soon enough.
Arty Beryl ( I do confess to adding another word to this but it wouldn't do for my posts!) anyway, she took delivery of a brand new Janome baby... she was so excited about it, consider that she only came to visit last week to see what quilting was like.... it's dangerously addictive ladies (and gents) I am warning you!!!!
Irene added all the sashing to her mystery quilt. After taking this picture she told me it was upside down, so... you could stand on your head to see it the right way up?
Joan The Shop ( who was suffering from cold shoulder?) almost finished her new quilted sewing machine cover, just a strip of binding to be added to the bottom and it's done, it looks so good that my mum wants one!
Helen telephoned my house on Sunday evening to confess that she had actually become addicted to free motion quilting! She wanted to make a Big Quilted Panel Bag for all her supplies and so spent most of the day quilting the pieces.
Here's just a few of her designs. She brought her fabulous bag full of goodies to the Quilt Cave and swaggered across the room to show it off!... it's brilliant!
Lacey Ann has a small problem with her walking foot not playing nicely with the needle, so I stepped in to the rescue with a spare Aurora baby, she was a little frightened at first... but that never lasts long.... I mean Lacey Ann not the baby!
Arty Beryl has her fabric swatches all in order for her very first designer quilt... it will have gradated colour with fussy cut silk flower fabric and lovely textures... We are all excited about this one. Beryl cut lots of strips before she played with her new arrival....
Lacey Ann not only finished the quilting her Railfence table runner but stitched on the binding too. The hand stitching will be done at home because she was eager to start project number two!... photos next time...
Dotty Maureen has so many projects on the go that I can't keep up with them. This time she was making farmers wife blocks, 6" each and every one different...
This is the book she's working from and the blocks she made at the Quilt Cave. She also started another mystery quilt this week.. I don't think this lady sleeps!
Wendy added sashing to her blocks, we all gathered around to decide how she could do the borders, we confused her plenty enough but she says we did actually help! One great thing about groups is help with decision making.....
Irene, it's fair to say, is not in love with this quilt, which is a shame because the rest of us think it's great, we love the colours! The way the blocks have been pieced makes it all look 3D.
Wendy pulled these blocks out of her bag near the end of the day, once we closed our mouths and finished WOWing ( it looks even better in real life) we played around with placement and again succeeded in confusing the process... actually I should take full responsibility for that confusion.... he he he.

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