Saturday, 7 August 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Anne, a new lady on Wednesday, had done lots of homework and brought the Railfence top completed... she made the backing, a sandwich and completed her quilting! She's really enjoying it. She will now be known as Lacy Anne as it transpires that she went to the same lace class as my mum. With two Anne's in our group it's the perfect opportunity for me to play with names...
Lidia, came for her first time with her top complete, she's a friend of Laura's so she's been having private tuition at Rachel's house (Rachel is Laura's mum... are you keeping up!) anyway, she was able to make a sandwich and get a good start on her quilting, it's great to have the young 'uns' getting into quilting, don't you think?
Rachel had a bit of a task, the quilt she was working on would be gifted this very day.. she did it! But not many of us heard a peep out of her all day!
Lauren has been wanting to make a Puff-Ball quilt since she joined us a while ago. I've never made one so she did a little research on t'internet to find a pattern and got on with it... what a fiddly job! Surely there must be an easier way?
Helen is taking a large leap now... a big quilt! She spent most of the day carefully cutting all her block pieces, she likes everything very accurate, which can only help when it comes to the piecing. (I hope you have noticed her personalised Lilly Pot... see how the picture is exactly the same as Helen's first quilt?)
Pauline made great progress on her Railfence quilt. Her strips are 2 1/2" wide because it will be a single bed quilt. One quarter is done so only 45 blocks to go.
Brenda/Barbara is on the home straight with her Chunky Churdash quilt top. That's the inner border you see in the picture, we 'invented' what will be the outer border, so that's what she will work on next time... it's going to look fabulous.
Dotty Maureen worked on her Shakespeare In The Park blocks. The whole quilt will be only blues and whites, something Dotty has been wanting to do for ages (see the Lilly Pot? and the African violet is a gift from AJ, (Angela that's not me!)) we don't habitually decorate our work stations with flowers! he he he
Maid Marian was with us when we went to the Fabric Guild yesterday where she bought perfect black and white fabrics to finish her Railfence quilt, it had plain black corner stones and all borders on by the end of our day.
Annie completed her quilt top. Just a little bit of fudging was needed for one corner and the rest fit perfectly, there's no stopping this lovely lady.... considering she was forced to come along in the first place by Barbie, ha ha ha.
Maddie was visiting us, she has been quilting for ages and has made some fabulous quilts, she brought 3 in to show us, lovely & fun! I was going to show you but my photos were way too blurred, sorry.
Helen was able to stitch one block together before we had to pack up.. she did a great job, don't you think? She didn't breath a lot whilst piecing, but she can catch up on her breathing later, he he he.
Sarah made 3 posh cushions in her Taffeta fabric. They look so chic and expensive! She's going to make one more thing from this taffeta then she will try some patchwork, so she says.. lets see.
Dotty Maureen very kindly brought in some of the fabulous quilt blocks that she made from a past Jenni Rayment workshop. Most of the Quilt Cave ladies have never seen anything like this work and are getting quite excited about out up-coming Jenni Day. Dotty reassured them all that this kind of patchwork is very easy to do.... and I believe her!

What a long post! We were 17 in total in our Caverswall Quilt Cave, I can't tell you how much fun we have, even though I try, I hope you can get the idea from the pictures.... we are LOVING this new room!!!!

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CarmiƱa said...

Hello Angie,
I enjoy seeing the variety of quilts your ladies do and all the fun you have. I would like to be close Staffordshire, you spread the good cheer, maybe i'd finished all i start.
Thanks for sharing