Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Workshop 2011

I know it is a bit early to start advertising, but I'm already excited about it so I have to tell you....
I was chatting to
Dawn Cameron Dick at the Festival Of Quilts... and you know what??? I booked a workshop!!
In fact, I took it upon my very own self to book two!!! Wednesday 5th October and Friday 7th October, both 2011. It seems such a long time away, I know ... but each class can only be for 15 ladies so you should plan ahead so as not to miss out... he he he.
Dawn will teach Invisible Machine Applique with a talk about threads and needles, always useful! I will give more information much closer to the time so, don't worry if you forget.... there's a lot of sleeps 'til then.

One piece of useful information... It's our Jennie Rayment workshop next Friday 3rd September so our Quilt Cave will not be open to anyone without a booking... Sorry....
If you are disappointed about not getting a place with us... don't worry, you can go to the Staffordshire Patchwork & Quilters (SPQ) meeting at Christ Church in Stone, Staffordshire, on Thursday 2nd to hear Jennie's lecture. It costs £4.00 on the door and is sure to entertain you... I promise!!! 7pm start... don't be late.

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