Friday, 20 August 2010

Festival Of Quilts

I'm not posting quilty pics today but I did want to show you that the quilt I raved about in this post... is a winner!
There were lots of people gathered around it all day. I was a steward and 'guarded' this quilt for an hour. I stood next to it ready to pounce on any touchy touchy business... so I was watching the expressions on faces of those admiring it... very entertaining I can assure you!!


Annabelle said...

Glad you are having a great time. The quilt is truly a work of art. There are so many clever ladies out there!

Faith said...

Hi Angie I wished Id of met you now and said hello but I didnt know anyone which is why I took my partner Jim with me. So great to meet another quilter like you... I was at the festival of quilts yesterday with bright red hair in a wheelchair with Jim behind with a tie dyed t shirt lol,
It was great but very very packed.
You need lots and lots of money and to spend all three days there to get the taste and feel of everything but it was great and I will certainly go next year.

Tracey said...

well done on your quilt, wonderful

Angie said...

I wish it was my quilt, I'm sorry if I made you think I made it....... alas only the photo is mine own work, he he he

Elizabeth said...

I think your capable of a quite that's that impressive mummy :) like the lost poster!! :D