Saturday, 14 August 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Annie brought in another Railfence quilt to show us. This is the third one she's made. She told me she keeps making them because she wants to practice to get everything to be perfect. Just escaping from the photo you can see that she made a cushion to match her new quilt too .
Barbie started a new project. It's made using a combination of piecing methods. The hearts are cut with a template, stitched into the block at the same time as the two halves of the background, then hand appliqued down.... are you following? I thought it was quite complicated but Barbie loves to hand stitch so she will persevere.
Lauren very carefully cut out these great, brightly coloured fabrics to make her chosen block, the name of which escapes me at the moment. The first step for sewing them together was the 4 units for the corners... hopefully I will get a photo of the completed block next week.
Maid Marian made her quilt sandwich and decided to use her walking foot to quilt diagonally through the railfence blocks, she used an Aurora baby because she forgot the foot pedal for her own machine... now that makes you mad doesn't it!
Pauline is making a larger Railfence quilt, this is one quarter of it. We are working on perfecting her 'scant quarter inch' seams and in the meantime she's is learning some very useful 'fudging' tips, he he he.
Kate was doing free-motion quilting... these bag pieces are just the job for practicing on, not too big. Kate meandered about getting more confident all the time... we have to practice ladies (and gents) ... it's the only way to improve! Margaret added three borders to her Railfence table runner. More care has to be taken with these slippy silky fabrics and the Indian cottons, which fray and stretch, but it's well worth the effort for the effect.... it's looking very lovely... don't you think?
At 10 minutes to 3, I finally remembered to do the demo's I have been trying to do for weeks now. I stopped all the ladies from their own stitchy fun.... first we used my Mum's Bento Box blocks to explain the different ways to make them. The ladies were suitabubbly impressed, thank goodness as Mum had prepared everything for us. Then I demonstrated how to make Jan Mullen's Daizies... always a winner!! I wonder how many ladies will want to make one?
As is becoming the norm.... not everyone has a mention in this post. We are lucky to have any pictures at all as none were taken by me, myself... we have to thank my Mum for picking up my camera as often as she did! Thank You Mum!!!!

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orchidlover said...

Love the show and tell. The rail fence quilts are looking great

Love and hugs Gina xxx