Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

One last more border and Joan The Shop's Peppa Pig quilt top will be done. She makes it look so easy.. and believe me, IT IS! All you need is a sketch of your desired characters, (Joan used a sheet of wrapping paper) fabrics in great colours... and a little patience... hmmm , OK quite a lot of patience actually, he he he
This is Laura's Rail fence quilt, if you remember it is the one made with her dad's jeans! Next week Laura can add the borders, make a sandwich and start the quilting.
We had three new ladies join us today. This is Anne's Railfence bunting! he he he, I can explain... she wanted to use a large floral print but it had largish spaces on the fabric so, instead of having some pieces without flowers Ann fussy cut the pieces so they had to be joined one by one and not strip-ly as usual....
Look at this photo, it shows better what I am talking about... at least I hope it does.... see how each floral piece is blooming marvelous?... worth the extra effort, me thinks, don't you?
Jilly had a lot of ends to tie off and enough quilting to last for most of the day, I am sure this project will be finished next time. I hope Jilly is thinking what she would like to make next.
Joan The Shop added teddy bears to those wonderful borders... I could have taken a better photo of the teddy, sorry folks but I wanted to get Joan's new "Lilly Pot" in the photo too... he he he, they are only £5 each and you can have your name painted on too!
Dotty Maureen has a very personal mug, colourful dots and her name... no-one could ever mistake who this "Lilly Pot" belongs to. Dotty has started to make the star blocks for a Shakespeare In The Park quilt, one of my favourite designs that is on my 'one day, some day' list.
Wendy, one of our new ladies, has been quilting for a long time. She brought in some of her work to show us and a fabulous journal about everything she has done so far. This is one of a set of blocks that she was working on today, there were loads more.
Irene was joining her Mystery blocks together with sashing, I think there will be corner stones too. She says she loves coming to our group because she can sew without interruption from 'life in general' ... what ever can she mean???? ha ha ha
Dotty Maureen also did the mystery quilt. She chose a completely different design to Irene, there were lots to choose from though, it's almost finished, just the ends to tie off and the binding to hand stitch in place... aha.. just a minute now.... let's not forget the label Dotty! See the quilting?
If you click on the links to see what the 'Mystery' is, you should notice that, very soon, Chris & Barbara are starting a new one, play along if you like and be sure to send your photos to them.

As is becoming quite normal these days, I didn't get pictures of everyones work, you will have to take my word for it, it's all fabulous!
We meet again on Friday 6th August, 10am - 3pm, if we could just remember to look at that clock! he he he


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Can you tell Joan The Shop's Peppa Pig quilt top lady that I love love love that is adorable and is sure to be a hit with any Peppa Pig fan!!

Joan the Shop said...

Thank you. Sew Creat It-Jane. This one if for my 2 year old great-Grand-daughter for Christmas. it's the second Peppa pig one that I have done so I am begining to see Peppa in my dreams!!!