Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Lizzie says that she had an excellent class... she learned so much about traditional piecing, light's mediums and dark contrasts and a bit about design sizes.... oh, and lots of fudging!! These 12" blocks will be made into a sofa throw.
Jenni made her sandwich, pondered for a while about a quilting design and thread colours then... went for lunch! ha ha ha. She came back refreshed and started to stitch, see she uses the shelf stuff in place of gloves... whatever works for you is fine.
Giggly Gillian has done a great job of quilting the first of her Christmas wall hangings. She stitched a few extra rows around the borders and quilted a star on each side of the tree top, trimmed it up and made the binding, which was stitched on just as our quilty day came to an end... well, we did add 15 or so minutes to it! ha ha ha. Gillian announced that she will soon be starting a quilt for a 7 foot wide bed.... ooooooooheeeeeer!!!!

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orchidlover said...

Love the Christmnas tree

Love and hugs Gina xxx