Sunday, 29 September 2013

Juki HZL 600F

It's amazing what a sewing machine can do... Patchwork and quilting requires only the straight stitch. Almost all sewing machines can sew a straight line of straight stitches. Appliqué is fun using a basic zig-zag stitch and we love the blanket stitch for the same job. Aside of that... there are often useful and decorative stitches to play with and a button hole programme or two... but do you use them?
When you find a  lovely lady who knows what she is talking about on the subject of your very own sewing machine, you can learn how to do the most amazing things... The ladies had an excellent workshop with Sheila. They went home inspired to put button holes, labels of all sorts, fancy stitches, reversed stitches, different threads and so much more wonderful things on everything they make from here forward...

I plan to hold more workshops for getting to know your machine, it was all so very interesting.

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