Tuesday 3 September 2013

Stitching News

Cynthia stitched the final line round her borders. We could feel her excitement as she watched the clock...
She got it done, phew... and chose her binding... A good day's work!
AnnBacan finished the last bits of stitching on her lovely poppies.
We (yes... it means ME)have a few mathemisms to sort out so it can be the way Ann sees it... in her head!
Lady Judith has been stitching up a storm for, yet another, quilt to be gifted.
One day she may just make a quilt for her very own self.
Morning Judith made two sandwiches, this is one of them...
she says it was inspired by a quilt of mine that's in my very own quilt shop...
 I can show it to you if you come to visit!
Judith chose lovely crisp colours, don't you think?
PM Pam wanted us to see how fabulous her Foldy Fun Tree turned out.
Those little bells hanging in the windows look fabulous.
We have another Foldy Fun workshop coming soon.
12th October actually.

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