Friday, 13 September 2013

Stitching News

Gail's got a small queue of projects with pins in them... Sandwiches for quilting.
This is her delicious Jelly Roll Sandwich... Gail must have been pondering the design because this top was finished quite a while ago...
And this is Gail's Eye Spy style kiddy play mat sandwich, made with one of the packs of 30 x 6" squares we made up... a very fast finish quilt... Both projects are a very easy size for quilting so they might well be finished by next week.... will they Gail?
Little Annette also purchased one of the packs... 'Hot Cakes'!!
It's a little bit of luxury to have no cutting to start with... just choose your lay out and stitch. With the little inner border and slightly wider main border, the finished size fits WOF (Width Of Fabric)
Chatty Cathy  is finally adding her quilted borders. There was a little pattern matching to be done so Cathy sat and carefully pinned the border join and decided to tack it... she wants precision... so, she will have it!
Arty Beryl brings ooodles of bits and bobs each time she comes to play... we don't call her 'Arty' for nothing! She joins fabrics together just to please her very own self... we do encourage PMS though I haven't mentioned it in a while... Pleasing My Self!!
See Beryl's little blue 'Note to very own self' ... a fun Fabric Postcard workshops booked for the coming Winter 
Jean Bean found herself a good spot with vacant tables galore, two actually. She was able to spread out her blocks to help her organise joining them together...
Sometimes we can get a little lost with an 'On Point' setting so it helps to use the corner of a table.
Wendy had been given the job of 'Pattern Tester' for Gilly. She's going to be showing the ladies at the Quilt Cave how to make this Festive Tree Skirt later in the Autumnal season. The pattern was originally in Popular Patchwork and Gilly has simplified the instructions, all by her very own self. Wendy spent the day quilting it.

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