Thursday 12 September 2013

Sitching News

Princess Jackie does quite beautiful appliqué. It's all sticky stuff with blanket stitch but Jackie poooofs up some little detail, in this case the hearts and rabbits, with a carefully cut piece of wadding... just lovely!
Giggly Gillian chose these fabrics to make a pattern from a magazine that's a few years old. It's fun looking through older magazines to choose want to make next.... something you may not have given a second glance three years ago, could be your new favourite and go to the top of the To Do list!
Stephanie Iceland made this fabulous bag using a the Square Dance Template and a Charm pack, PB&J by Basic Grey from Moda. It's a fabulous fabric line, funky and modern with 'Grunge' fabrics to complement them. What a lovely background in this picture too... my ever expanding range of delicious Batiks!

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