Friday 6 September 2013

Stitching News

Try as I might to make up samples for my very own quilt shop... time, or rather lack of it, just doesn't allow it. Good job and luckily, My Mum Gwynneth likes to make small quilts. This is one of the panels we sell. It's very sweet and fresh. Mum finished quilting it. Binding will probably be done by now too so it will be in store ready for a lookie-look very soon.
Gail purchased one of our little 6" square packs of novelty prints and had her quilt top finished in only a few hours. The packs contain 30 x 6" squares and all you have to do is sew them together, add borders backing and wadding and quilt... 
Full kits will be available soon too.
The finished Kiddie quilts are also available, thanks to my Mum Gwynneth!
Helen's commissioned quilt top is well over half way done. 
What a lovely quilt it will make.
It might have to go on hold for a day or two because Helen has another job to do.... that would be quilting borders for Foxy Margaret's cat quilt.
Annette Little's beautifully bright project is coming along a treat. 
She was so pleased with her progress that she booked another class for the following day... It's great to be so excited about what you're making isn't it?
Lovely Lyn found herself breathing a sigh of relief once all of the components of this fabulous appliqué picture were in place, it was tricky with such a lot to fit into the small space. Still, once she was able to start stitching, on her very new 
Juki Exceed F600, she was much happier... 
Lyn declared her love for the Knee lift... thank goodness for the wonderful knee lift!!!
Giggly Gillian purchased this little pillow kit from the Festival Of Quilts recently.
It's very cute and follows the current madness for all things Owl-y... 
Owl fabric is selling like hot cakes (not that we buy 'hot cakes'... do we?)
Princess Jackie pondered over her borders, she wanted a larger quilt... 
Finally deciding it would all look better with a pieced border she chose the Square in a Square, in a Square block, which in my book is called the Economy Patch, none of us can figure out why it is called that though. (The book in the picture is not the one containing this pattern, that book contains Jackie's next project)

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