Friday 20 September 2013

Stitching News

Krafty Karen's blocks are coming along very nicely. She's taking great care to get pointy-points and  her junctions perfectly perfect.
Giggly Gillian made up this practice block. You can just see where she had folded the background fabric in half both ways to give her a good guide for placing the petals and leaves right in the centre

Gail gets a toot toot toot for her fabulous and finished quilt/play mat. 
She chose orange inner borders with multi coloured stripy main borders
This quilt is about to be gifted to a lucky little one. 
We sell lots of the pre-cut 6" square packs, 30 different designs per pack and every quilt made looks really different because of the chosen border prints...
See what I mean... This one is being made by Chris The Foot.
She knows her lucky little person will be a boy so she opted to add blue borders...
doesn't it look really different?
Jolly Jo continued making her paper pieced blocks. The quilt was designed by her very own self but she had to leave sewing alone for a while, and now... she forgot the original plan. Inspiration will come once she has them all completed... we hope!

My Wife Beth had ordered a few packs of scraps from somewhere on T'Internet and decided to use them all up to make a rainbow quilt ... all her very own design, well, with inspiration from a rainbow of course
Last but not least is My Mum Gwynneth.
She's been making quilts for the Linus project ever since we had our fun Linus Stitching Day recently, at Caverswall Village Hall. This is the latest finish to add to the pile of 5 this month. Toot-et-ty toot Mummy!

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