Tuesday 24 September 2013

Stitching News

Cynthia finished her fabulous Log Cabin quilt...
She made this beauty for her brother and what a lucky fellow he is...
It's a large quilt and three ladies were needed to hold it, the photo's taken outside and that easy access ramp came in handy, shorter people on the right and taller people on the left and it all looks quite level! Toot Toot Toot Cynthia... we love it.

PM Pam's tree skirt... The pattern required enlarging by 200% but no-one seems able to do that in Cheadle. We tried to do it with pencil and ruler, tricky... that made prototype 1... We admitted defeat when it came to the swag-gy bits. Pam was able to enlarge the design nearer to her home then made up the pattern as you see it here, prototype 2... Pam only needs to make 4 more fabulous tree skirts because, as usual... the orders are flowing in! ha ha ha
Monday Lyn finished her purple test block. She wanted everything perfect and she worked hard to achieve it with the aid of her splendid new, extra sharp pins.
There was a distraction though... the 10 Minute block quilt was hanging on my very own classroom wall and Lyn was sat next to it... I proved to her that it really takes only 10 minutes for each block so now she will be making those too!
It is a short post... short on pictures for sure... such a busy day. Is it possible to train a camera to take it's very own photos? Sometimes there's just too much going on to remember to snap pictures... you just have to be there to see everything, and there's a lot to see.

Over the weekend, Lady Judith's hubby finished the shelving under my extra large ironing station so, with the help of the
 Fabric At £5.00 per metre Clearance Sale...
 there's a little extra shelf room for the new fabrics... JUST IN TIME!!!

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