Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Stitching News

Monday Lyn had finished stitching her binding by hand and, very kindly, brought the table runner back to show us... I always ask to see finished quilts... besides, if I don't see them finished, how can I give a well deserved, tooting fanfare... toot toot toot Monday Lyn!

Toot toot toot... Jackie Janome brought her finished Railfence Table Runner too...finished and fabulous! She's spending her time pondering and wondering "What shall I make next?"  She went home with food for thought.

Christabelle arrived with mathemisms needing to be done... but that didn't take long to sort out. We had calculated half an inch too much for the main focus fabric square so things weren't working out too perfectly... that sorted, production continued on her memory quilt.
Aileen had purchased a plain Jelly Roll and a patterned one, decided on her design and set about making these blocks. We sorted out a few piecing tricks on the first block then, the main thing was her quarter inch seam... we moved the needle over two pips... after that, the blocks came out perfectly perfect.
Lady Judith, just as Lovely Lyn found, struggled to fit all the detail onto the small background... I think that the next time someone makes this quilt I shall suggest a slightly larger piece of fabric that could be trimmed afterwards... but it's all sorted now. Judith is going to stitch lots of the appliqué by hand.
Longport Lynda rescued these blocks from the round filing system and turned them into a quilt... she needed to make a sandwich but had forgotten her safety pins and so used flower head ones... they were starting to fall out before she even packed up to go home... 
Lady Judith had attended the Bargello Garden workshop a while ago but, now that she has time to get back to it, she had forgotten the plan. We soon had her back on track and excited to see the end result.
PM Pam has been playing and designing at home. Paper Pieced festive themed cards. Each little centre is a mini quilt, very special Christmas Cards for very special people... are you on Pam's card list?
We're hoping to fit a workshop in soon, maybe you would like to make some?
Dotty Maureen purchased this pattern on-line. It's a winter stitchery and is extremely cute. Can you see how the snowmen form a tree shape? It only took Dotty the one week to do all the stitching!

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