Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tooting For Princess Jackie

Princess Jackie's quilt, Trumpets at the ready... Toot toot toot!!
When these fabrics first arrived in my shop, Jackie pounced on them (not really, we don't encourage pouncing around in my shop... not too much anyway)"Now I have them, what can I make?"
Lots of ladies do that, so after a short session of "how about this, this, this.... what if you..? Do you like..? "Is it for a quick finish or would you like something with more complex piecing?"... those sort of questions
Jackie chose simple piecing, not cutting the pieces too small because she loved the fabrics... this design is brilliant for that job. 

Princess Jackie knows exactly who will be the owner... Her Very Own Self!!!
I must apologise for the photo quality, it's a camera shot... not that trusty little camera of mine.

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