Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

This quilt belongs to Lynda. Last time she came to our Quilt Cave we had discussed possible designs for the quilting of this Pineapple Blossom... "following the patchwork design by 'shadowing' the colourful strips forms a star" I suggested, Lynda couldn't see the star at the time... but  Boy can we see the stars now, three times over... it's fabulous!

Mystery Margaret jumped right in with her free motion quilting... this is a double sized quilt and she doodled over the whole thing. She has a very simple sewing machine, she borrowed a darning foot and matched up her thread... please do click on the picture and take a closer look... toot toot Margaret it's brilliant! In the picture she's top stitching the Faux Piped Binding, a perfect finale.

Wendy's quilt... now... come on, say it with me... "WOW"
Once again it's the Pineapple Blossom design from Bonnie of looking completely different from everyone elses. Wendy is quilting the extra wide borders to be added apartment style... this quilt is huge and covers at least half of the stage... it most certainly brightens up the dull grey carpet that it's covered with, he he he

Helen's happy now... She's not a huge fan of patchwork and intricate piecing so, having made her large sandwich she was able to doodle on papers while she invented her free motion quilting took quite practice drawings to get to something she liked... this quilt is for a young dood and everything we came up with looked like flowers to the untrained eye... we sorted it though, she's stitching a very cool design.. I'll show you Helen's progress on Friday.

Oh, I am having fun with Gail's quilt... it's the blacks and whites Pineapple Blossom, the top is finished, if you remember Gail added a pinch of red for an inner border... So, Gail decided she wanted to make a red backing... Playtime... we played with ideas and eventually chose to join several rectangles of 4 different red fabrics with left over  black and white fabrics in-between... you can see it's going to be stunning can't you!

Lizi has finished making her 100 Log Cabin centre blocks (of course I exaggerate a little) She's in the process of making the first of the border blocks. You should be able to see that they kind of spiral round? Lizi does really lovely piecing.. very accurate indeed. Can you see the pins she's using that match the fabrics... How chic is that! Totally Chic-e-zinho (That's a Portuguese expression, ha ha ha)

So, that's Caverswall Quilt Cave for another week. We meet again on Wednesday 28th March. 10am - 3pm, as usual.
Come back tomorrow, I'm going to post a picture of Joan The Shop's fantastic bright quilt... best prepare your WOW's

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Annabelle said...

Oh my ... your ladies are oh so clever and turn out such amazing work. I so would love to join you all but even if I lived nearby I know I do not have one ounce of their expertise. xx