Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tuesday Quilt Class

Gillian brought her quilt top to class finished and ready for a sandwich treatment... It was a perfect size for my new tables and... I hope you can see... it matched perfectly with two of my fabulous, ergonomic, cost a small fortune, chairs... Gillian was quite amused and took a photo or two for her very own self! She had made good progress with her quilting by the end of our day too.
Messy Maureen finished a little quilting then cut her binding.. too small though, no worries as she had quite enough fabric to cut 4 more strips. Binding joined to one long strip, she stitched it to the quilt and took it home to do the hand stitching on the back side. She has some more lovely fabrics for us to play with next time... more curtain scraps... I wonder what we will invent this time...
Lovely Lyn finished the chicken walhanging she was quilting last week... oh I wish I had taken a picture for you... she did some fabulous free motion doodling on it... Please bring it again next week Lovely Lyn? Time to start a new project then. Lyn wanted to make a baby quilt... she studied my newly delivered 80 book assortment, found a perfect one to buy and started work on a lovely Bunny quilt. Very girlie indeed.
More next week....

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