Friday, 30 March 2012

Thursday Quilt Class

Brenda Barbara started the day doing appliqué, wheels for the tractor, wheels for the trailer... tiny circular shapes are very difficult to make using the Invisible Machine Appliqué method, the Sticky Stuff and Blanket Stitch is looking like a much easier option... she decided to work on her Jenni Rayment workshop quilt instead, Brenda wants to finish this quilt before it's second birthday, he he... Will it be a wall hanging or something bigger?...
Lacey Anne spent the day quilting straight lines on this commission quilt. She had to be careful because the sandwich had been made without securing the backing... a recipe for an uneven backing... using your hands to make a taut Hoop to keep tension good works but it doesn't half make your thumbs ache... ask Anne! It's so worth the effort to make a quality sandwich.
Lizi continued making border blocks for her huge quilt. It's a pattern in the Judy Martin Log Cabin book and incorporates millions of blocks, well it must feel like millions to Lizi. She pins and sews very precisely, every block turns out pretty much perfect, no prrressing or ironing to distort things, finger pressing is quite sufficient.
Shirley Lerly said that you wouldn't want to see a picture of her work again... she thinks it's looks the same every time... I disagree... it's all very well posting pictures of finished tops and quilts but to get a true idea of how long our quilts take to make, I like to show progress, a true time line if you like... a King Size quilt made from 6" blocks takes an age to make no matter how hard you try... Lerly is stitching her blocks into rows now, see how they are all marked to keep the order... clever eh!

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Annabelle said...

Lovely stuff yet again - you are obviously a brilliant teacher! xx