Sunday, 25 March 2012

Staffordshire Patchworkers & Quilters

Staffordshire Patchworkers & Quilters' 30th Birthday Celebration... That's where I've been all day. They treated us all to a quilt exhibition with demonstrations and retail therapy... Shops!
One of which was yours truly... Me, the one with my very own, brand new. freshly & officially opened, Quilt Shop... Called Angie's Patchwork & Quilting Shop, I thought I should mention it just incase you missed the announcements previously, he he he.
I took a photo of our rather thrown together tables, you can see Lilly there, she was so busy selling all kinds of hand drawn with watercolour highlights cards for all occasions... personalized and extremely cute! See the bunting hanging round our tables?... it was hanging outside my very own quilt shop yesterday for our opening day.. I made it with scraps of all shapes and sizes... it looked fabulous.
Back to normal for a little while now... no more celebrating, no more cake, at least for a week or two....
I am very happy, exhausted yes, but happier than happy can be... I opened My Very Own Quilt Shop!!! I'll try not to mention it again... really I will!

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