Monday, 26 March 2012

Jenny's Quilt

Jenny Barlaston finished off her stunning Autumn Leaves quilt with fabulous Faux Piped Binding whilst spending the day at our Friday Quilt Club. The tutorial has been removed from the original location so she needed to 'pick my brains' about how to do it... I'm quite happy to have my brains picked... Sometimes things have fallen to deep to be retrieved but I do my best for you, ha ha ha
Each of the blocks was made into it's very own little sandwich, as were the borders, and quilted individually... then Jenny joined them all together with the apartment method.
Which, as you can see from the back... uses sashing... Isn't the sashing lovely with the nine patch corner stones? and what a great backing it makes, don't you think? If you have trouble quilting bigger projects, this could be the help you need... apartment quilting, whether you quilt your individual blocks or a quilt in two halves, it all makes for a more manageable size and you will have made the whole quilt, all by your very own self!!! Toot Toot Toot time.

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