Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Monday Class, Beginners

I love to teach beginners... from the very first slice with a rotary cutter that hardly cuts any fabric to the 1/2" wide sewing seams and wonky lines, holding of the breath and concentrated quiet.... to the perfect slices of 2" strips, accurate 1/4" seam, mostly straight lines and pupils breathing steadily whilst relaxing and chatting to each other...
It's the very best part of the Quilting addiction, right at the start.
Choosing 3 fabrics and listening carefully to any advice, not that there's much to say as we all have our own 'Cup o Tea'... for the table runners the ladies thought about where they would be using their new projects, that's as good a place as any to start with... what would look good with your decor?
These two ladies, Pam and Judith, chose the very same fabrics... I'm going to keep a close eye on this table... if one lady ends up with a placemat and the other with a single bed size quilt, I'll know they got their fabrics mixed up won't I! ha ha ha
The ladies must have enjoyed their class, they booked to come again next time... One can't wait until next week though... she's coming again today!


Jill - And Sew We Go said...

Such lovely colours, looks like everyone did very well and had a great time.

Jill x

Annabelle said...

What fun and so nice that you enjoy teaching newbies especially as most of your ladies look so clever. Hope things are going well for you. xx

hetty said...

These railfence projects look fabulous!! So glad we have some new ladies to join our little quilty family. Hugs Helen xxx