Thursday, 15 March 2012

Jolly Jo's Quilt

Absolutely stunning isn't it!! You should see it for real...
Sometimes, I just look at a quilt and find myself quiet... very quiet indeed... I'll take a big, deep breath in and hold it, sometimes there are no words to come out but in my head I say "WOW", with lots of OOOO's... does that happen to you?
When Jolly Jo first came to join us, I think her quilt centre was complete, she had all the diamonds made for the borders too, but they were in a hopeless pile... hopeless, as in "ooooer... I don't know how to make it fit, they don't work... I will have to leave it and start something else" Sound familiar? With a little support though, she finished the top, we all thought it was stunning, It's beautiful Batik fabric with Muslin/Calico ... just perfect together... At our Quilt Cave meeting yesterday. she brought it in very proudly indeed, to show us that it's finished, simple straight lines for the quilting... perfect, oh my goodness... this design didn't need anything more... WOOOOOW... it's Absolutamente gorgeeeoso! ha ha you won't find that in a dictionary.


Dottymo said...

How did I miss that beautiful quilt.

Maggi said...

I think that Wow is all that there is to say about this quilt.