Friday, 23 March 2012

Thursday Quilt Class

We had fun, a much smaller group with lots of chatter and laughter. So much so that there's only this one photograph to show you... I chatted too, I can you know... it's my very own quilt shop! ha ha... This quilt belongs to Jolly Jo and it makes up the centre of a much bigger project, much bigger actually... it's from a book that I keep forgetting to take note of. We had '1st prize' winning carrot cake which Jo brought in to share... she really won first prize in a competition... twas delicious and we totally agreed with the judge's decision! ha ha ha.
The Moda Man came to visit so the ladies helped me choose/order another 135 bolts of fabric that will drip into the shop slowly over the next few months including Christmas fabrics... in this beautiful weather we're having the Moda Man had us choosing Christmas fabrics... crackers eh!

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