Thursday, 29 March 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Why make one quilt when you cam make two? Two at the same time is good news... This is Gail's pieced backing for the black and white Pineapple Blossom top, doesn't it look great! By the end of the day it was all sewn together so I feel a sandwich session coming on...
Early Sue has almost finished her little pink quilt, it's just needing a few more minutes on the binding so... Sue started her 10 Minute Block quilt... at first she didn't believe me when I told her how fast this quilt comes together... she does now though... 10 minutes each block and that's all!
Annie Pie is making a 10 Minute Block quilt too. White, with white centres and it will have white lace inserts for the Cathedral-ly window bits... no colour matching needed! It's actually coming along very well, who would have thought there would be so many shades of white though...
Jolly Jo won first prize in a cake competition... I told you about it last week. Now she's entering another competition and she's making a bag. She wanted it to be quite easy to make but look difficult to those who will be judging... William Morris fabrics are busy and Jo wasn't sure they would play nice... but they do don't they?
Chatty Cathy has been making these 6" blocks over the last few weeks.  Now that most of the blocks are complete we needed to decide on fabrics for the last 4 blocks and the only way we could do that was to decide on a layout... fun! We played with several, this the last one, it's coming on a treat. Cathy will make the missing blocks at home ready for next week.

We meet again next Wednesday which will be 4th April.
See you there...

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