Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lovely Lyn's Sheep Quilt

Lovely Lyn finished her baby play mat with the appliquéd flock of sheep, an extremely cute quilt indeed. She actually finished it a few weeks ago but I neglected to post about it... you know why? I unknowingly put the photo in a very safe place in my computer, why it asked me where I wanted to save this picture is beyond me... of course I want them to all be in the same place, the one they go to without asking me normally!  So, I found it now... and you can enjoy it, finally, sorry Lyn. Anyway, baby is using it, has shared his milky meal with it too... it's such a good job we make our quilts wash-a-bubble isn't it... tee hee


Dottymo said...

This is a picture of the one who didn't get away. Lizzie so beautiful. I'm the black lamb. BAA

My Life In Quilts said...

Love this lamby quilt! So cute!

Jill - And Sew We Go said...

That is really cute.

Jill x