Thursday, 5 July 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Dotty Maureen is back from her travels. The plaid Double Wedding Ring quilt was finished just in the nick of time and gifted last wekend. So, Dotty is free to start a new project without the sound of the ticking clock! I think, by the fabrics, she has until the end of October for this one... super modern Dotty with the technology!

Foxy Margaret finished all of the quilting and braiding on her table mats.. they all finished at different sizes though... you know.. she doesn't give a hoot!!! All four of them are being bound and Foxy will add a fancy stitch or two do decorate the edges.
Kraft Karen had one last more practice with her free motion quilting then took a deep breath and moved on to her quilt... her stitching was so good and straight that we all thought she had used her walking foot! She's shadowing the triangular swirls of the patchwork... looking very good indeed.

I finally managed to get a photo of Maggi's kaleidoscope blocks, aren't they fabulous!! I love green anyway and this just shouts Summery!!! that's a historical word from the days when we used to have a thing called Summer... he he he

Helen's finished enough of her Heirloom quilt blocks to see what a finished corner will look like... she's so thrilled with it all... three more corners to complete... but that won't take too long now... the momentum is staying right up there at full speed!
Wendy spent the day making hour glass blocks and four patch blocks then trimming. She was laughing because she finally understands the lines on her ruler and how they can help with the trimming and accuracy... sometimes the penny needs a good old shake to drop into place eh... not that we shook Wendy!
Chris The Foot spent her day piecing a backing for her Chunky Churndash quilt top. She wanted to use up the two extra blocks that she had left over and a few of the fabrics that she was happy not to keep in her stash. Success means she WILL be making a sandwich next week!

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