Sunday, 15 July 2012

Classroom Update

 Sheila's quilt, almost completed, it's just needing the binding. She quilted this one in stages, two diagonal halves of the centre then borders added and quilted... you'd never know looking at it though, it's really difficult to find the joins.  I never tire of the piano key borders.. they're great on any quilt, don't you think?
Afternoon Judith had finished all applique stitching on her frog play mat, such a cute quilt. The borders needed a little surgery as Judith had forgotten to measure them through the centre of her quilt, there were a few waves round the edge... I'm sure frogs like a calm pond so, the borders came off, got re-measured and 'perfectly re-put' ... a further green border was added... wadding and backing cut and prepared so we're ready for sandwiching on Monday afternoon.
Early Sue was back with us, she's free motion quilting with confidence now and wasted no time at all in getting the machine set up, cup of tea made and got right on with it... after a full day stitching hearts and loopy-loops, there's only one little corner to do in the quilt centre... the border stitching hasn't been decided yet.

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mandycharlie said...

I love Sheila's quilt, do you have a pattern?