Saturday, 21 July 2012

Friday Quilt Club

 Dotty Maureen's Witch quilt top, finished and ready to be made into a sandwich, soon. I guess that will happen at Caverswall Quilt Cave where there's more room and plenty of tables... and more people to help with the pinning too... a bonus for bigger quilts for sure. Then again she might be making a sandwich with her Kaleidoscope Stack-n-Whack blocks... yes... the ones she started at the workshop this week, Thursday... she's finished piecing them all and even purchased sashing yesterday... I'm not sure Dotty sleeps at all... I know there's no turbo on her sewing machine... I already looked for one... he he he.
Here's another Dotty quilt, started this week and already finished up to the point of sandwich making... she's going to be very busy quilting over the next few days isn't she!

I should have called this post Dotty Maureen's quilt tops I think. These photos were taken good and early... right at the start of our Quilt Club hours... the camera never got touched again until the end of the day when it went back into my Tea Bag to be taken home... sorry ladies, your projects are all lovely and well worthy of blogging about... maybe I should get you all to take your own pictures eh....  I even tried threatening My Very Own Self with a pointy finger and saying "You'll be fired if you don't take more pictures" but it didn't work... he he he

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