Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Stitching News

Not too much time for photos during class so you get two days in one for this post...

Cynthia's 10 Minute Block quilt.... coming along a treat. She stitched the 8 Cathedral-ly Window-y bits at home and made the other 4 blocks during her session on Monday... so there's a bit more homework to be done. Cynthia chose wild border fabrics... I can't wait to see this top put together... sunglasses might well be required next week!

PM Pam has also been doing a lot of stitchy homework... She managed to finish all of the shadow quilting on the main seams and, after drawing the lines onto the quilt, she stitched a further shadow line just inside the blocks... it makes the shape really stand out a treat. Pam's going to make 5 or 6 cushions to co-ordinate with the quilt.
Cynthia made this quilt 21 years ago... (when she used to be Bev in fact!) She brought it in to show us, what a lovely thing to still have. It's a printed panel, Cynth hand quilted and embellished this gem for her baby son. Most of the beads are missing now but some of the 3-D petals are still in tact. See how she appliqu├ęd the hippo and the cloud into the borders... very arty farty eh!

Ann's brand new, antique clown quilt is finished now and ready to be gifted. She's 'chuffed to bits' because she was able to finish it. The blocks are 35 years old and have survived many international moves and a house fire... they must have known they would be finished one day. The clown design was copied from a pair of curtains, they must have been fabulous and bright eh.

Rose, she of Scone, Clotted Cream and Strawberry Preserve fame... finished her quilt... Toot Toot Toot. Can you remember when she started this... it was going to be a small cushion cover, I'm so pleased she decided to go all the way up to a quilt... isn't is just lovely....

This is the back of Rose's quilt, oh how we love to piece the back using up all the left over bits!!! Double sided quilts are great, especially if they are to be used as sofa throws, the back is bound to be seed on a regular basis.

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