Saturday, 7 July 2012

Friday Quilt Club

 All of the photos in this post were taken by Helen. There just wasn't a moment for me to remember to pick up the camera (roughly translated... I forgot!) Joan The Shop added sashing and corner stones to one of her Kaleidoscope Stack -n-Whack quilt tops, she's about to start pinning again to make more blocks for the other two quilts in the set.

 Late Sue had finished the centre of her Chunky Churndash quilt at home, it's looking really lovely (no picture Helen?) so she spent the day making up 9-Patch blocks for the borders. Sue started by making up strip sets for chopping up, there's a lot of fabrics to be mixed in to this border.
 Hilary made this rather gorgeous bed scarf at home and came to Quilt Club to get a little advice for the quilting. Her silly machine decided it didn't want to make stitches of even length, which was rather annoying, so we plugged in a Juki HZL-210 for her... a great mid-range machine available in My Very Own Classroom! Hilary almost finished her quilting!
 Helen must have started some new blocks at Quilt Club, this would be the start of them. Helen uses the Sewline Glue Pen ... now there's a handy thing for your sewing box... it's helped me out of some pretty tricky pinning situations when pins just can't get it right. It's water soluble too... Helen swears by it!
Dotty Maureen worked on her Halloween Quilt. She needed strip sets to make up 9-Patch blocks. This is a simple quilt... after the Double Wedding Ring one she just marathon-ed, I think anything would seem easy! The 9-Patch blocks will have Snowball blocks in between them, with pictures of witches, black cats and brooms, even a bat or two!

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hetty said...

Re: pictures
sue didnt want me to take a pic of the middle and asked for one of the in progress 9 patches! The heirloom quilt blocks are Marions, they are the centres for the blocks where I used taffeta. I love that we've done them totally differant. Arent you impressed that the pics arent wibbly wobbly and pretty much in focus hee hee :-) x