Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Classroom Production

Morning Judith's lap quilt is finished and ready for gifting... Toot Toot Toot... There's a definite hint of a summer garden with these colours, don't you think? No weeds here though... It's a very simple design and with all the blocks the same, Judith was able to chain piece them. She started another project during the morning, well... eventually she did... there was a lot of pondering to be done and there were decisions to be made, more on that next week.

Afternoon Judith continued quilting her frog play mat... she's echoing the flowers and frogs and 'Ditch Hopping' the background fabrics, actually, Judith is quite accurate with her stitching in the ditch, it must be the frogs that are hopping.... ta daaaa! OK, it made me laugh... There's a bit of a green theme going on in this post...
Jean Bean's Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope blocks are absolutely gorgeous, each one so different...  as Jean puts it  they're "Splendid... " She's very happy with the way the blocks are turning out and as she finishes each one, we all know about it as she shouts out "It's Perfect!" the centres match up perfectly and splendidly!
Liberated piecing... made using shirt fabrics purchased in a local charity shop. It's the first quilt produced by a rather lovely lady who comes into my very own quilt shop, just to have a look around... a dangerous thing to do! She repeatedly told me how the quilt wasn't very good as she didn't really know what she was doing... I say... "I LOVE IT!!!" It's Liberated piecing at it's best, the Gal's a genius... people do workshops and buy books to learn how to do this kind of patchwork!
I hope she keeps it up! See the two blocks in the bottom right corner?... upside down? No... it's quirky design!!!!

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