Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Monday Stitching

Cynthia had a very busy week so the Cathedral-y window-y bits didn't all get stitched... but that didn't stop us adding the two inner borders... hand stitching can easily be done later.  Lots of 'chunks' of fabric (Cynth's very own words!) were cut ready for the main border... but this great progress is going to be stopped for a holiday!! Blooming holidays interrupting stitching? shouldn't be allowed... he he he
Jean Bean is surprising her very own self... she's trying very hard to get perfect piecing, points and junctions, the surprising part is that she's really enjoying it, she tells me it's very much out of character... Jean has decided to make 90 more of these blocks ready for a King size bed... next time we'll try out a speedier piecing method... sheets of half square triangles will save a little time... 360 more are needed!
Geoff continued making Flying Geese... this No Waste Flying Geese method works really well for him as it makes 4 at a time. He's just about got enough now. There's some embroidered grasses and things to add to the main picture before the borders will be stitched in place, starting with a blotchy black inner border frame... you know, Geoff's weaving a real carpet for that lady to work on, clever eh!
Morning Judith came for the afternoon class. She made a sandwich first of all (after waiting for the real Afternoon Judith to finish her frog sandwich that is) and moved swiftly to her machine to quilt it. Can you see the chicken fabric she used for the backing, a fun fabric that's perfect for a lady who provides Judith with fresh eggs eh...
PM Pam arrived feeling very disappointed with her very own self, she had cut all the borders for her cushion not thinking that two would need to be a little longer... disaster? Oh NO! not a problem when we have the wonderful 'Corner Stones' that often come to our rescue... no-one will ever know they weren't in the original plan... you won't tell will you....
At last... a photograph of Jean Bean's rather stunning Mat & Ruler Bag... Jean had read my post apologising for not getting a picture and took it upon her very own self to remember to remind me (thank you Jean Bean) it's absolutely covered with free motion doodling and practising, which was the main idea when I decide to make up the pattern really... I doubt you can actually see the quilting because the fabric and thread blend so well, so you will just have to believe me... it's absolutely splendid! ha ha ha

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Dottymo said...

.ladies and gentleman, all hose quilts are fantastic. Are you sure you are beginners?