Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Quilt Club

Late Sue's been making this block of the month quilt, from the Popular Patchwork Magazine, for a long time, it's the very nature of the game with a block of the month quilt, he he he... 12 blocks take at least 12 months you see, even I can do the math on that!... Sue's pleased to have it as a sandwich so she can get on with the quilting.
One downside of having quilting class in somebody's very own quilt shop is that people disappear into the shop to brows the goodies... I have lots of goodies, that's where Joan The Shop was when I took the camera round to snap blog photos... that's why this Kaleidoscope quilt has been piled up at the side of the machine... tut tut Joan... was it King Tut??? oh funny ha ha
Helen, on the other hand, is on a mission to finish her Heirloom quilt so doesn't waste her time shopping... She stood over me, my very own self, while I trimmed up the blocks to the exact size required by the book... can you imagine what would have happened if my rotary cutter would have slipped... oh boy... I was under much pressure... 'specially as Helen stood over me!! She's getting sooooo excited now!
This very pleasant lady often comes to my very own quilt shop to purchase necessary things (well, it is a shop!). We have fun discussing what she can do with her projects, what fabrics might look great etc... This quilt was no exception, we pondered together about possible fabrics and quilting and she went home with a few, different ideas. I asked her to bring the finished quilt in to show to me... In it came... of course it needed to be photographed and blogged about!!! See My Mum, Gwynneth pointing out the lovely decorative stitches!

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Sue said...

Lovely to see a hearts block of the month quilt finished, it looks great. I'm making one, but progress is very slow.