Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tuesday Classroom

 Giggly Gillian was most relieved to be stitching the binding to this project. She said that she couldn't wait to get on with her Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope blocks... I don't know how she managed to resist them, but she has. This binding is Faux Piped variety... absolutely stunning with the bright green highlight.
New Sue learned a few top tips today. Not adding sashing between blocks with pointy points means that (if you want, we still have PMS, Pleasing My Self and if you don't care about pointy points... I don't mind at all!!)... that, you have to be very precise with the points matching up because they actually need to kiss each other... Sue got all the rows together with the setting triangles and corner triangles in place, I bet this will be ready for sandwich making next week.
Princess Jackie had done a lot of quilting at home... She had purchased her very own walking foot  from My Very Own Quilt Shop last week, so... there was no excuse really. She wasn't keen on doing the quilting, so she says... but now she's really pleased with the results and said she had actually enjoyed doing it.

Rose (who brought us the most beautiful, light scones with strawberry conserve, not jam, with a pot of clotted cream... oh boy were they ever delicious!!) errrrm... where was I... oh yes! Roses tableS... we quilters don't half like to spread jam and clotted cream.. oh no... I mean don't half like spreading out over spare tables, ha ha ha. This is Roses new project made from a Jelly Roll and a metre or two of background fabric, it's very clever... look at the two blocks here, they look different, even though they are the same... cool eh! Rose had been to a workshop at the Uttoxeter Quilt Show this last Spring, see the purple-y block.. that was her class sample.

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Dottymo said...

Rose that quilt looks fantastic finished and is so easy to produce a wonderful quilt.