Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

 Lots of projects in the making at our Quilt Cave...
Arty Janet continued piecing her Stack-n-Whack blocks. She has two different sized blocks and lots of different coloured fabrics for her backgrounds, this quilt will be quite different me thinks... Janet's a real and proper artist after all.
 Chatty Cathy won these fabrics and blocks at a recent SPQ (Staffordshire Patchworkers and Quilters) fun evening, I think it was called members night? What a very lucky win for Cathy... lots of 5" Log Cabin blocks and loads of extra strips so she can make up a few more by her very own self.
 Chris The Foot has perfected the making of pin wheel blocks... her centres are all 'spot on'... she says it's good practice for the upcoming workshop... no prizes for guessing what the workshop is! Chris is making a baby play mat ('elf and safety... baby quilt!) these Pinwheels will be block centres
 Kate made this quilt top as a group project with another group. I didn't turn the colour off, he he... it is black and white. Kate spent her day joining squares of left over fabrics together for a pieced backing... but now they will be turned into a quilt, another time though...  Kate wants to hand quilt and we decided that will be much easier with fewer seams.
Krafty Karen continued free motion straight lines, I find that quite tricky but she seems to have mastered it! She very cleverly uses the edge of her darning foot as a guide along the seams of the patchwork, something I don't remember having thought of... duh! Soon be time to join the two quilt halves together...
 Mystery Margaret continued making up Pinwheel blocks too... there must be something pinwheel-y in the air in this area... apart from rain that is! he he... Margaret's making this quilt as a gift... there looks to be quite a lot of blocks completed already, I can't quite remember how Margaret will put it together but, for sure it will be lovely and bright.
 Oooooh look... more Pinwheels, this time they belong to Shirley Lerly... these Pinwheels have been pieced a little differently though. Shirley made Hour Glass blocks and careful placement of the Hour Glass blocks, gave her the Pinwheels! This quilt really needs to be finished before Next Friday!!! Who needs sleep anyway!!
Wendy continued to make up Kaleidoscope blocks... she needed only two more for her quilt centre and about 3 more for the setting triangles. The blocks will be sashed with crushed strawberries! that's the fabric colour description that Wendy used... you'll see next time.


Dottymo said...

So many absolutely fantastic projects all in one day. The inspiration from you is wonderful. To everyone in each class.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.