Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

I hope you have a comfy seat and a drink.. there are loads of pictures this time, I've excelled my very own self. This is Jolly Jo's Kaleidoscope quilt top, you might be thinking it's finished? it very well could have been but Jo has decided to give it two more borders, inspired by Joan The Shop's little red bit!
 Chris The Foot added the two border to her Kiddie play mat... translation :- Baby Quilt but please don't tell anyone that I told you! In the picture she's measuring the length for her border fabrics through the centre of her quilt... what a good student! This way Chris will get a perfectly flat quilt play mat. We decided on some quite ingenious quilt designs... no pressure Chris, I can't wait to see em stitched!

Annie Pie's Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt sandwich, in the making... Dotty Maureen was helping out as usual... she's like our resident pinner, bless! They were chattering away as they pinned and sounded like they were enjoying themselves... even with back ache! he he
 Now lookie here... Posh Lizi has been making blocks for this absolutely beautiful quilt since time began... OK I exaggerate a little... but she has been making them for a long time... Working full time made sure of that. But now the blocks are all finished, all perfect sizes and looking stunning laid out on the stage. This will be quilted in three separate rows and then joined, apartment-ly... There's a little work to be done for piecing the backing, but I do feel a sandwich coming on!
 Chatty Cathy will have 54 of these little Log Cabin blocks, once they are all finished. She's planning on them all being complete by next week so we will be able to play with the block placement... oh so many to choose from with the log Cabin blocks, no matter their size, every quilt is quite lovely 
 Marilla joined us for her first time. She's a hand piecer, and does the tiniest little stitches, she sews quite quickly too, all these were made in the one session. This Hexagon project is homework given by Barbara Chainey from one of the workshops Marilla attended... Now that My Mum Gwynneth saw Marilla's Hexagons, she wants to make some too, even though they are very small!
 Back to the stage and we see... Wendy's Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt top coming along very nicely indeed... it's a big one... the blocks are set On Point, as you see... with half blocks for the setting triangles, they look great don't they! There are quite a lot more sashing strips to be added yet... but this is Wendy, it might well be complete by next week.

Shirley Lerly is getting brilliant centres on her pin-wheels... a little, but very important, top tip that I shared with Lerly, right at the beginning of making these blocks has proved to be very useful indeed. She loves precise piecing and takes great care to achieve it... that must be where Posh Lizi gets it from, what a wonderful gift to pass on to your very own daughter!
 Dotty Maureen's Witch quilt top needs a backing next... no backing, no sandwich. She wanted to use up all the fabric she had left over. Dotty switched pieces round several times in an effort to make do but, no matter which way they went, there just wasn't enough fabric... Dotty went home to root in her stash... there must be some piece of fabric she could use... and if there isn't... I know where she could go to purchase a little bit of purple... I have lovely purples in my very own quilt shop, which is just around the corner from Dotty's house!!

Oh look what a lovely stage there was at Caverswall Village Hall for most of the day, our ladies are making the most amazing projects, don't you think?

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Sheila said...

Wow, the ladies have been busy! I love all of them, but a think the little R&W log cabin is my favorite today. Thanks so much for sharing.