Friday, 3 August 2012

Beginning With The Railfence

4 New ladies came to join us. They're not sure whether they want to be quilters but have decided to make a beginner project, to see how they get along... The morning must have gone well as they're all coming back next Monday!...These blocks belong to Glenys, what lovely colours she chose...

Carole's blocks, I'm thinking this will be quite a dramatic table runner with the fabric choices she made. All of the ladies got most of their blocks done and will finish them up at home.

Mara's fabrics, she did stitch the strip sets and cut out lots of blocks. Mara will be making two cushions rather than a Railfence Table Runner, which is fine... I told them all about PMS (Pleasing My Self)

Pauline chose a Christmas-y theme for her fabric choices... Now I don't quite know how she managed it... given that all of the ladies only purchased 20cm of each fabric, but Pauline did seem to make more blocks than usual... maybe her fabric is a little wider than most others? No matter... she's going to make a little table mat to complement her runner.

When I find the shop that sells spare time... I shall order a few cases of it and I shall store them all in a cool dry place... I seem to have run completely out of time this week, he he he... I'm also wondering where I can purchase hindsight I could do with a few sachets of it too! Do you have any ideas where I could find these things I need?

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Dottymo said...

Ladies the blocks look fantastic, wait until you join them together.i am waiting to see the cushion. They will all be supercalifragalistic expealidosous. Scrumy .