Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Monday Toot Toot Show

We started the week with a fanfare of excellent toot toot toots... a finished project almost everywhere we looked, he he he.
This Ten Minute Block quilt belongs to Cynthia, who apologised for saying how great her quilt is... I don't think there is anything wrong with blowing your own trumpet... toot toot toot... if you love your work, shout about it! This lovely quilt is extremely bright and cheery... perfect for Cynthia actually!

Afternoon Judith's, toot toot toot... Judith had really liked the two quilts made by Maid Marion and Helen not so long ago so she had purchased a panel pack too. She's done lots of lovely quilting, inspired by the others, and it turned out great. The pink binding is rather a give-away as to the kind of baby this quilt was made for eh! he he... It's very soft and snuggle-y too... I'm sure baby will love it!
A small quilt this time but the toot toot toot is just as loud as the others. PM Pam is tackling more complicated piecing whilst making blocks for her cushions. The various pieces aren't too small in a 12" block so it's a great chance to practice new stuff. I hope you have noticed that all of the hearts are facing the same way in the background fabric... I think that deserves an extra toot toot toot!!

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Dottymo said...

Oh they are so beautiful. What a lucky chair having the small quilt to join it.