Thursday, 16 August 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Jean Bean needed to lay her block rows out to check the order... the stage being the perfect location, of course she had them perfectly pieced. Along side we have Chatty Cathy's Stack-n-Whack pieces spread out, she wanted to check she had everything going in the right direction, then proceeded to cut the background shapes and to kit her blocks up ready for stitching. I thought it was a great photo opportunity to see the block bits, before and after piecing.

Lynda had finished quilting the centre of this quilt and wanted to try something different for her borders... She's always keen to try something new... I hope you can see what we decided would be a great design because it really is a GREAT design, even if I do say so for my very own self.

Maggi had laid out her blocks last week to decide on the sashing. Once that was done she's been able cut all the strips and get all the blocks stitched together... see how neat the seams are on the back of the quilt top!
Posh Lizi's been quilting her most amazing Log Cabin quilt... it looks soooo good! For now though, she has a gift quilt that's running out of time... the top is done and Lizi wanted to make a pieced backing with her left over fabrics... mostly strips, perfect for two of these Bargello-ed blocks... they will be floating in some most beautiful Amy Butler fabric, we might not see it finished as this quilt should be gifted on Sunday? ooooer Lizi... tick-tock-tick-tock
Shirley Lerly's border treatment is taking shape very nicely... everything carefully and precisely measured, of course... it's a huge quilt so it's even more important to measure the borders through the centre of the quilt top... to prevent the edges going all  wave-y.

Chris The Foot made a quilt in a day! ha ha... which is good as it needs to be finished for Sunday this week! Making quilts for teddies is just about a sure thing to get them finished in just the one day! Here he is trying it out for size!

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Dottymo said...

This look likes a very busy quilt factory with wonderful inspiration and enthusiasm flying around.